What exactly is Media Marketing about?

When deployed efficiently, Media Marketing can grow profits, attract both ideal clients AND cases you desire, build your reputation and much more. Answers to the most commonly asked questions at MOB Media Marketing are all in one place below!

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    What does MOB Media do?

    MOB Media Marketing uses the CARS Method to Help You Move More Cars & Book More Service Appointments

    C = Convert Warm Audience (low hanging fruit)

    A = Automate Inbound Leads

    R = Retarget to Retain & Nurture Prospects

    S = Sell More Units & Schedule More Service Appointments

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    How do I rank my Auto Website higher on Google?

    Understanding the foundational basics of what Google requires, where the current AI trend is heading, and building a website that optimizes for these modalities is absolutely paramount in ranking your auto website. In short, following the available Terms of Service and adhering to bylaws, rules and regulations will help your website rank. With a proper foundation in place, you may proceed to building off-site search engine optimization strategies if needed.

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    What is the MOST important thing related to Auto SEO?

    Much like the question “how do I rank my auto website higher on Google”, it is important to have the foundations in place. Imagine the human body in need of proper nutrition in order to grow, your Auto SEO is the same way where it requires appropriate nurturing with the right SEO strategies. Our strategies allow you attain the highest rankings in the most reasonable and ethical means possible.

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    Do I need to hire another company to handle my social media?

    No need ;) MOB Media is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, specializing in the arenas of paid social traffic, organic social traffic and pay per click (ppc) strategies! We take care of it all for you.

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    What are the most competitive keywords for my business?

    This infamous question is a popular one of late as trends in the auto industry at large are changing rapidly. We encourage you to reach out to us and request an in-depth marketing analysis of both your hyper-local and national level keyword terms.

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    What kind of businesses and industries does MOB Media Marketing work with?

    MOB Media works with a variety of businesses and industries, while specializing in; Personal Injury & Auto Dealerships. If you’re unsure of whether or not MOB Media can help you, we encourage you to reach out to us. If we can’t, we’ll connect you with someone who can.

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    How would a small or used car dealership benefit from working with MOB Media Marketing?

    It’s understandable that not every business is in the same stage of growth or has the same goals. MOB Media is able to act as a weapon for small practices to utilize wherever your marketing efforts need us most. Each marketing strategy is unique in its approach and execution.

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    How can my practice measure Return on Investment (ROI)?

    ROI in Media Marketing is based on how much money flows into the campaigns and measured against new leads, new clients and new revenue generated. MOB Media is in the business of ROI and we only strive to grow alongside of our clients and partners.

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    How frequently will I meet with MOB Media Marketing and its team?

    MOB Media is a ‘High-touch’ Media Marketing agency where it is actually required that our clients meet with our team at least once a month to discuss progress, trim the fat from poorly performing strategies, and provide full updates on your winning campaigns.

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    Do you do website design for larger auto dealer groups?

    Yes. We do website design for small, medium, large and national businesses.

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    Do you have resources that can write quality content related to law or my business?

    Yes. MOB Media is a fully staffed marketing agency with experts who are skilled copywriters, particularly in the auto industry.

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    Can my business qualify for a need-based customized package?

    Certainly. It is never our goal at MOB Media to force or even remotely suggest that a business requires all of our services at one time although this does routinely happen. We are not a take-it or leave it agency and we provide customized digital marketing strategies for each and every one of our clients!

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    How would I know it was worth my investment?

    We are one of the few, maybe even the only, full-service digital marketing agencies that will guarantee our results. We always achieve the rankings promised. Even if that means we need to continue delivering the service at no cost to you in order to keep our promises.

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    Can Videos Help my Dealership’s SEO?

    In short – Yes! We’ve seen consistent movement in our clients’ rankings by the addition of a transcribed video and embedded video to our clients’ website pages.